Takoma Park city manager resigns


Takoma Park’s city manager, it was announced today, has resigned to take a Washington DC city government. position. His resignation will become effective Jan. 31, 2015.

Takoma Park City Manager Brian Kenner was hired in 2013, following a city council controversy over city manager hiring requirements.

Kenner is leaving to serve the incoming Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser as her Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

Strong position

A city announce released today quotes Takoma Park mayor Bruce Williams, “Brian has done a great job in Takoma Park. He engaged with the community right away, and he improved many aspects of our operations. We’ll miss him, but we’re in a strong position to tackle the issues we face in the coming months and years.”

Williams is quoted as saying “We’ll miss him, but we’re in a strong position to tackle the issues we face in the coming months and years.”

The announcement says  Williams is thankful for Kenner’s contributions “which have built community optimism for the future of the City of Takoma Park which celebrates its 125th anniversary in April.”

Kenner is quoted as saying  “Takoma Park is a special place with a unique and outstanding culture of community involvement and government leadership.  I am happy to have been a part of the City and know it remains in strong hands.”

Council meets tonight

Council will meet tonight to decide how to deal with the absence of a city manager before, presumably,  a new one is hired.

Suzanne Ludlow, Takoma Park Deputy Manger served as acting city manager before Kenner was hired, from September, 2012 to June, 2013.

After his predecessor Barbara Matthews stepped down the city council wrangled over whether top staff should be required to live in Takoma Park. Such a requirement would take a city charter change.

Split 4 to 3, with the “Gang of Four” advocating residency requirement/city charter change, the council factions bickered, and the public filled the city council auditorium to comment on one side or the other.

The city charter change was defeated in a vote so controversial the city attorney was consulted. In the end the defeat was upheld.

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