GRANOLAPARK: New city manager to be announced

PHOTO: Acting City Manager Suzanne Ludlow, February 2015. Photo by Bill Brown


Dear Readers,

The official announcement has not been made, but reliable sources say it will be today.

Those reliable sources say city council’s choice for Takoma Park’s new city manager is . . . the acting city manager Suzanne Ludlow.

This will be a low-cost operation. All she has to do is move her stuff to the next office.

As Your Gilbert said in a recent column, this is an obvious choice. Deputy city manager Ludlow served as acting city manager once before. She filled in from September 2012 to June 2013 after Barbara Matthews stepped down. It was about the same amount of time Brian Kenner, who followed Matthews, served before he stepped down to take a position with the new Washington, DC mayor’s administration in February.

– Gilbert

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