Two ribbons in one day – new businesses welcomed by mayor

Old Town Business Association directory Laura Barclay, Marin Barclay and Kate Barclay position the ribbon.

PHOTO: Marin Barclay and Kate Barclay help their mom Old Town Business Association director Laura Barclay stretch a ribbon for cutting.


Two new Takoma Park businesses opened with ribbon-cutting ceremonies yesterday, April 28. Both ribbons were cut by city mayor Bruce Williams, who strolled from Takoma Old Town to Takoma Junction to do the honors. A few other city councilmembers and their family members joined the mayor, local business owners and members of the public to witness the cutting, schmooze with others, shop and sample some free goodies.


Tabletop co-owner Daphne Olive and city mayor Bruce Williams.

First was the 5:30 PM Tabletop ribbon cutting. Tabletop occupies the old Now and Then gift-shop storefront at 6927 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park, MD. The similarity to Now and Then is not a coincidence. Now and Then’s owner Jude Garrett has connections to Tabletop owners (two of whom are Takoma Park residents) and she suggested they take over her space after she retired. Also, Elizabeth Brinkama, Now and Then’s store manager, is still behind the counter.

Tabletop owners Daphne Olive and Tai Tsang were on hand. They have another Tabletop store in Dupont Circle.

Takoma Park’s Tabletop will celebrate with a grand opening party Friday May 1, 5:00 – 8:00 PM.

A brisk walk later brought the Mayor, councilmembers and others to Spring Mill Bread, at 7300 Carroll Avenue in Takoma Junction. There was a delay while the ribbon-cutting crowd, including this reporter, mobbed the counter to buy baked goods, then snatched free cookie samples. Readers note – the sugar cookies were very popular.


Spring Mill Bread owners Hatib Joof and Catherine Rurka assist mayor Williams.

This is Spring Mill Bread Company’s fifth location in the DC Area. They sell bread and other all-natural goodies including cookies, muffins, brownies, cup cakes and cinnamon rolls.

Owners Hatib Joof and Catherine Rurka cheerfully kept the crowd sweetened with baked goods and helped the mayor with his ribbon slicing duties.

Spring Mill Bread’s grand opening will be Saturday, May 2.

Seriously, try the sugar cookies.

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