Trukgarten celebrates new beer and wine law

Photo: Vanessa Chapman, Lissy Allegrotti, Molly Beiting, Heratio Blackman, and Quentin Bernhard III celebrate great beer, great weather, and great food at Takoma Trukgarten. Photo by Rachel McNair


It was the first time beer was served on Takoma Park city property.

The Old Takoma Business Association presented Takoma Trukgarten on Saturday June 6, 2015. It took place in the city’s Takoma Junction parking lot next to 201 Ethan Allen Avenue.

Hundreds of community people attended. Promoters brought in street food, local brewers and live music to celebrate changes in Maryland alcohol legislation.


Takoma Trukgarten, June 6 in Takoma Junction. Photo by Jay Keller.

Takoma Park stores will be able to sell beer and wine to go on July 1.

On July 1, 2014 brewers were allowed to self-distribute beer, allowing restaurants to purchase it from them, instead of going through Montgomery liquor control.

Now, a year later, Maryland voted to allow beer and wine carry-out sales in Takoma Park.

“Being able to carry out beer and wine makes the town more competitive with other communities…this event served to bring the community together and showcase the businesses in the area” said Laura Barclay, the executive director at Old Takoma Business Association.

“The people have spoken, people want this and this festival today is evidence that there is a robust desire to have beer and wine available in nontraditional ways here” said Jackie Bensen, Trukgarten attendee.


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The Old Takoma Business Association held the event to promote the new era that starts July 1.

“I love having this event, it’s a great thing for Takoma Park, it makes us more like the rest of the world and makes the community more interesting, fun, and it improves the quality of life around here” said Bruce Kozarsky, Takoma resident for 19 years.

“It’s so nice to hang outside, meet with my neighbors and bring people into Takoma Park who haven’t been here before to show off my town” said Molly Beiting, Takoma Park resident.

“I think this will help stimulate the community where they are bringing in more [customers] to patronize . . . local businesses and help the community in turn” said Hardy’s BBQ owner Corries Hardy as he lifted french fries out of the fryer and seasoned them.

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