DC Creeper brings the art supplies to the Olive Lounge


Local artist DC Creeper (Eric Gordon) brought a unique brand of social art-working to the Takoma community last Sunday, June 28.

The Olive Lounge at 7006 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, hosted Artist Night (organized by DC Creeper) bringing together artists to create, meet, talk and just get weird together.


Photo by Rebecca Gallery.

This creatively charged event packed the room with people of all backgrounds and skill levels scribbling, drawing, sketching and painting together. The intimate space The Olive Lounge provides artists a perfect set up for free flowing conversations.  The artists welcomed each other with open arms, libations and introductions all around. Various art supplies including pastels, markers, watercolor pencils, canvas boards, sketch pads and more were strewn across every single table and the entire length of the bar.

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Vinyl Vagabonds (local DJ, blogger and e-zine authors) DJ’d the event with various vinyl albums, setting a fun, creative tone for the evening. The creative juices flowed as did the pints.

artistsnight2-2  artistsnight1-2

Photos by Rebecca Gallery.

“DC Creeper” Eric Gordon has been in the Takoma Park /Silver Spring artist community for close to a decade.  “I really wanted to do something that would get creative types in the same space,” says Creeper.

“I’d been to several other artist gatherings, but I was more focused on an environment geared towards making and less about selling.  Heaps of creative types and people who appreciate the arts live here so it seemed like a natural fit.  I like to see information exchange, so seeing amateur and pro artists mix and share, that’s the good stuff.  Takoma Park has other arts events which are great, but I think we’re doing something a little bit different at Olive Lounge.” Creeper stated.


Art by Eric Gordon, aka: “DC Creeper.”

If you missed out on this welcoming community event mark your calendars for the next Artists Night on Sunday July 26th from 8-11PM.

For more information on DC Creeper or Vinyl Vagabonds visit dccreepers.blogspot.com or vinylvagabonds.blogspot.com.

artistsnight2-1 artistsnight1

Eric Gordon as “DC Creeper.” Photos by Rebecca Gallery.

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