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Dear Readers,

Ward 1 Councilmember Seth Grimes, who signaled his intention to run for mayor a few weeks ago, has decided not to. Furthermore, he will not run for re-election to the Takoma Park city council.

He made the announcement to his constituents on a neighborhood email list. The announcement in its entirety follows.

I had earlier announced a run for mayor of Takoma Park. After weeks of reflection, even while developing a campaign, I have realized that serving as mayor is not the path for me so I am discontinuing my campaign. I’m out.

It has been an honor serving Ward 1 and the city, which I’ve done to the best of my ability.”

I’d venture that I have originated more legislation and led more initiatives in 2 terms than any other councilmember has, ever: The 2013 Safe Grow legislation and electoral reforms (in partnership with Tim Male); the Young Activist Act of 2014 banning polystyrene and this year’s business recycling bill; leadership of Takoma Junction revitalization from vision to choice of a top-tier developer and winning a soon-to-be-built Takoma Junction crosswalk (in earlier stages in partnership with Kay Daniels-Cohen with a strong assist from Tim); Sunday library hours (with Kay) and advancing library renovation; creation of the Lifelong Takoma program; council leadership in the fight against over-development at the Takoma Metro station, Montgomery College, and Washington Adventist University; critical early support for the commercial kitchen at the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church (before the project was expanded); steps toward tackling congestion that included hiring of a new half-time parking enforcement officer (with support from Kate Stewart); helping bring millions in funding to city projects as the city’s representative on the Transportation Planning Board; and more.

So I’ll leave office in November on that high note, and continue working for you until then.

The best to all,


Other candidates and wild speculations

Two big “WOW”s here, Dear Readers. Seth leaving the council, and turning the mayor’s race into a Kate Stewart cake-walk. Maybe. No, we’ll say “probably.” It may be early and more candidates may emerge, but it will be hard for a candidate with no city council experience to run against a councilmember.

K. Stewart-7-crop

Kate Stewart. Photo provided by the Mayoral candidate.

Is Seth Grimes thinking of November, 2018? He said he’s not. He did say he’d like to spend more time working with Shepherd’s Table, a non-profit group based in Silver Spring that provides services for the homeless and other folks. He’s a board member. He also said he might want to pursue “. . . some new things. We’ll see.”

H&W-300X250The Takoma Voice/Silver Spring Health & Wellness Guide lists local health practitioners and fitness/exercise centers, studios and merchants. Support your unique local businesses!

“Some new things.” Hmmm. With state Senator Jaime Raskin running for US Congressman Chris Von Hollen’s seat who is running for retiring US Senator Barbara Mikulski’s seat. There’s a lot of county and state pols trying to move up the ladder behind those guys. That’s getting into wild speculation territory – which is where Your Gilbert likes to go for hikes. We love the wilds.

But, who’s got an eye on Grimes’ council seat? Peter Kovar of Holly Avenue for one. He announced to his neighborhood email list July 24 that he would run for the Ward 1 spot.


Roger Schlegel. Photo provided by the then-candidate in the 2014 Ward 3 city council campaign.

No announcements from Roger Schlegel whether he’ll run for either Ward 3 (more likely) or mayor (not likely).

We were crushed to learn that, contrary to our wild speculation, that Elizabeth Wallace will NOT be running for Ward 1 seat or the mayor’s office. She made that very, very clear through clenched teeth.

Jeffrey Noel-Nosbaum, candidate for Ward 3 seat in last year’s special council election, said he’s not running either. So much for that wild speculation. Will there be ANY contests at all in this election??

Are you running? Do you know someone who is? Please contact us, send us announcements, press releases, etc. We hate being the last to know. It is to a candidate’s best interest to get news coverage.

– Gilbert


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