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Dear Readers,

Usually we don’t endorse any candidates. Takoma Park is a small town; their opponents know where we live.

But this time, the stakes are just too high not to make endorsements – because the alternatives are so awful.

Their opponents are all a bunch of nobodies. There is nothing to them. They have no substance. To call them empty-headed would be too generous. They have no positive attributes at all.

They make no pretense of it, you can see right through them. They represent nothing, they offer nothing.

The candidates we endorse, on the other hand. Have all the attributes their opponents lack. They are breathing, for example. They occupy space, too, something their opponents are incapable of.

The candidates we endorse have proven records of showing up IN PERSON and working for constituent’s behalf. Their opponents have no persons to show up IN!

One of these candidates hasn’t served in office, yet, but he has served his neighbors just by stepping forward to run. Which is 100 percent more than his opponent ever did.

Where would we be without these candidates? The prospect is horrifying.

People bemoan the fact that there are so few contested races in Takoma Park. Your Gilbert celebrates the fact that at least one person in every Ward has stepped up for the rest of us. Serving on the city council is a grinding job. There is little financial reward, constituents – some of them nut-jobs – demand attention at all times of the day and night and much of the work is dry as dust. And, since the work is dry as dust, nobody pays much attention until something controversial breaks out. Then indignant, ill-informed constituents march on city hall with torches and pitchforks.

We don’t always agree with these council members, but we are grateful to them. With all our gin-soaked heart we say they are far superior to having nobody.

So, for the record, Granolapark endorses incumbent Tim Male for Ward 2 council seat, newcomer Rizzy Qureshi for Ward 3, and incumbents Terry Seamens for Ward 4 and Jarrett Smith for Ward 5.

Ward 6 council member Fred Schultz, the council’s levelest head, was on our endorsement list until yesterday. A late-comer announced a write-in campaign for Ward 6.

His name is Jason Small. He says he and his wife have lived in Ward 6 for thirteen years. He writes, “I came to the DC area after graduating from Yale Law School, and I have spent my career working on fair and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and educational equity.” He says he’s from the midwest, went to DePauw University and his parents were “products of the civil rights movement.”

He and his wife moved to Takoma Park to have a family. They are raising two boys. He decided to run, he said, on the advice of his older child, age four. If that’s how he makes decisions on the city council, it will be an interesting term.

– Gilbert


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6 Comments on "GRANOLAPARK: City election endorsements"

  1. Kathie Mack | October 30, 2015 at 8:09 am |

    No endorsement for councilperson from Ward 1 ?

  2. “Takoma Park is a small town, their opponents know where we live.”

    – Gilbert

  3. Katherine Griffin | October 31, 2015 at 4:15 pm |

    I don’t understand why you would describe Fred Schultz as “the Council’s levelest head”, and then in the same sentence endorse a last-minute write-in with no history of service; at least, no record, only narrative on his facebook page anyway.

    I have appreciated Fred’s thorough issues analyses and reports, and his well-established connections throughout the community.

    • Brian Rostron | October 31, 2015 at 11:25 pm |

      “I don’t understand why you would describe Fred Schultz as “the Council’s levelest head”, and then in the same sentence endorse a last-minute write-in”

      I don’t see where the Voice endorsed any candidate in a contested race as has been explained in various ways.

    • We reported on Mr. Small’s write-in campaign. We did not endorse Mr. Small.

      Endorsements in this year’s contested races, including Ward 6’s, are unnecessary as the outcomes appear to be inevitable.

      – Gilbert

  4. Interesting note about how newcomer to the ward race Mr. Small made his decision to run. But didn’t Nancy Reagan, who apparently shared a bedroom with the POTUS, consult her fortune teller before she made key moves?

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