Shopping in their PAJAMAS?!


Shoppers may have thought they were dreaming. They saw their neighbors out in pajamas Sunday morning.

Pajamarama attracted residents for the 16th year as shoppers lined Carroll Ave to receive the annual discount. Customers could receive anywhere between ten to 30 percent off in the participating shops but they were required to wear pajamas.

The discount ran from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in over 20 shops offering the promotion.

“It’s just a fun holiday promotion to add people to the street,” said Laura Barclay of the Takoma Park Business Association.


Photo by Dystany Muse.

Residents said they heard about Pajamarama by seeing the signs across the city and from other neighbors. Shoppers enjoyed using their creativity and seeing their neighbors.

“It’s like Halloween, it’s fun to dress up, you wouldn’t do this anywhere else,” said Roberta Hammond, a Takoma Park resident.

“The best part is seeing neighbors in their pajamas,” said Susan Willie, a Takoma Park resident.

Residents mainly came to find Christmas gifts.

“It’s always Christmas gifts but then I may I may find things for myself,” said Willie.

“Right now we’re going to buy some hot chocolate then buy some Christmas presents,” said Trevor Elliott, a Pajamarama shopper.


Photo by Eric Bond.

Elliott and Lisa Boland, who have participated for three years, bought three of their friends with them for their first time, all dressed in pajamas, of course.

Despite the briskly cold morning, residents participated.

“We almost didn’t come because he’s still sick,” said Hammond, indicating her husband Mike O’Connell.

“We did it two years ago and it was snowing,” said O’Connell.

“I’m lucky I found someone to participate in this kooky thing with me,” said Hammond.

“Turnout was great and the businesses were pleased. Everyone liked the new times of 8am-11am
versus 7am-10am,” said Barclay.


Photo by Eric Bond.

“This is definitely an increase this early in the day on a Sunday for sure,” said Imani Pierre, employee at Amano.

“There is an increase in revenue over a typical Sunday. Partially because the sales day is extended for early morning shopping,” said Barclay.

The woman who started all of this is Judith Garrett. Garrett owned the popular Now and Then store in Takoma Park for more than 30 years, which closed approximately a year ago.