Jackie’s restaurant and Trohv closing

PHOTO: Trohv on Carroll Avenue, Takoma DC. Photo by Bill Brown.

Two upcoming local business closures were reported this week, Jackie’s restaurant in Silver Spring and Trohv in Takoma, DC.

Trohv will close around Jan. 17. Jackie’s will close in March.

Jackie’s owner’s decision to close the restaurant and associated Sidebar was reported in a Jan. 6, 2016 Washington Post article. Trohv’s closing announcement was released by the Old Takoma Business Association.

Trohv owners Carmen Brock and Ben Homola said, “Despite how much we’ve loved being part of the Takoma/DC community, the DC shop hasn’t met our hopes and we’ve decided to close the DC shop in order to focus on our Baltimore location.”

They specifically thanked the Takoma community, “thank you for welcoming us, appreciating the store, and letting us participate in various ways in your amazing community.”

Established in 2011, Trohv is located at 232 Carroll St, NW in Washington DC near the Takoma Park, MD border. The DC/MD business district along Carroll Avenue is called Old Takoma.

The store is holding a closing sale. “We will be selling pretty much everything, including store fixtures, displays, lighting, and various materials for a wide-range of potential projects,” said the owners. The Baltimore’s store in the Hampden neighborhood will remain open.


Trohv’s storefront Jan. 8 with closing sale announcement on right. Photo by Bill Brown.

According to the Post article by Becky Krystal, Jackie’s, established in 2004, is closing because owner Jackie Greenbaum is opening another restaurant, Little Coco’s in Petworth. Little Coco’s will have an Italian theme. Jackie’s chef and most of its staff will move there.

Owner Greenbaum said she was sad to take away a popular gathering space. She said she announced the closing three months in advance to give fans a chance to have a farewell meal or two. The restaurant will offer past popular dishes and guest chef appearances.

Greenbaum also owns Silver Spring’s Quarry House Tavern. It was forced out of its basement location at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Bonifant Street by a fire last spring, but it survives in the former Piratz Tavern space across the street. The Quarry House hopes to return to it’s former spot.

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