Shops: one closing, five opening

PHOTO: Local politicians cut the ribbon at a new Takoma, DC business TACO-ma, 353 Cedar St, NW: LA style Mexican Restaurant. Photo by One Sock On Photography.

TAKOMA PARK, MD/DC – Cleaners of Takoma Park, the dry cleaner and laundry service at 6917 Laurel Ave., Takoma Park, MD will be closing its storefront business in March, but will continue as a home pick up/delivery cleaning service.

Owner Greg Moorin, owner of the now-closed Summer Delights Ice Cream Shop a few store-fronts down the block (now part of Republic restaurant), is retiring and closing his last Takoma Park shop. His business operator Jaime Alfaro will continue to serve customers though a new home pick up/delivery route.

Alfero said information on the new delivery service will be available at the shop and posted online within the next two or three weeks. The storefront will close March 1, 2016. Customers are urged to pick up their clothing by that date –  and sign up for the new home delivery service.


Jaime Alfaro, who will be taking over Cleaners of Takoma Park and turning it into a home pick-up/deliver service, is working on a website to augment the new business model. Photo by Bill Brown.


Brandon Todd gave the giant scissors a workout Saturday, Jan. 9. The Washington DC city councilmember was joined by Takoma Park, MD mayor Kate Stewart and councilmember Terry Seamens, in five ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

The ribbon-cuttings were in Old Takoma, the business district that largely ignores the DC/MD border it crosses. Hence the attending politicians and residents from both sides of the line. And hence the Old Town Business Association hosting the events and lugging along the giant pair of scissors.


The Tutoring Cafe, 6906 4th St, NW. Photo by One Sock On Photography.


Vegaritos, 6904 4th St, NW: 100% Vegan Burritos & Burrito Bowls. Photo by One Sock On Photography.


The SpiceSuite, 6902 4th St, NW: interactive spice bar and lounge. Photo by One Sock On Photography.


Rhizome, 6950 Maple St, NW, nonprofit community space, a hub for experimentation, community collaboration, and social engagement. Photo by One Sock On Photography.