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IMAGE: A 2015 meeting of the Emergency Preparedness Committee. Photo by Bill Brown.


Dear Readers,

Party time for the city staff. The margarita pitchers come out at noon every day. Those interfering civic amateurs – the city council – are gone for a whole month of August!

Oh, wait, the margarita pitchers come out here at the Granolapark bunker every day, not at the municipal building. You city staff are all invited, if you can get through the tiger traps in the yard.

As promised, we turn to less sensational news this week. The city has a lot of citizen commitees and commissions. They advise the city council on issues pertaining to their committee. For example, when the council was discussing snow removal policy with the Department of Public Works, or plans for detours around the Carroll Avenue Bridge closing, or Takoma Junction traffic issues, the Safe Roadways Committee was on hand to remind the council to prioritize pedestrian, bicyclist and other non-automobile transportation needs.

Over the summer, the council has made the following appointments to several key committees. Aspiring applicants must meet certain criteria to be approved. Criteria such as: breathing and still warm. The council tries to get city-wide representation, which is why the names are listed with their ward. Terms expire in 2018 or 2019.

Appointed to the Safe Roadways Committee were: Nicholas Finio, Ward 3, Katherine Kostiuk Ward 3, John Gorman, Ward 1, Katheryn Phillips, Ward 4, Mark Sherman, Ward 3 June.

The Committee on the Environment had three rounds of appointments starting in May. Appointed were: Marti Ittner, Ward 5, Denis Borum, Ward 6, Paul Chrostowsk,i Ward 1, Sarah Mazur, Ward 1, Hellen Gelband, Ward 3.

Emergency Prparedness Committee appointees were: Fred Levenson Ward 2 and Donald Pinkston, Ward 5.

Appointed to the Arts and Humanities Commission were: Kevin Adler, Ward 2, Thomas Parlan, Ward 4, Susan Strasser, Ward 1.


Jennifer Wofford, the Grants Review Committe’s “dissenting voice,”  speaks to the city council July 6, 2015.

Victims for the Grants Review Committee, possibly the city’s most thankless committee job, were: Norka D. Ruiz Bravo, Ward 2, Elizabeth Boyd, Ward 6, Pam Larson, Ward 1 and Leslie Perry, Ward 2. This committee reviews city grant applications and recommends which ones the council should pick and how much to give them. Guess who gets yelled at by both applying groups and the council when everybody doesn’t get what they want? Last year they got yelled at by dissenting members of their own committee.

The Board of Elections appointees were Arthur David Olson and Brian Ernst.

The Recreation Committee got a number of long-time civic activists: Jay Keller, Ward 3, Howard Kohn, Ward 3, Carolyn Leary Bobb, Ward 6, Ryan Scully, Ward 6, Jen Wofford, Ward 3, Jon Worley, Ward 2

The Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee got a couple of familiar name, too: Reid Baron, Ward 3 and Jay Levy, Ward 5.

Sad news

A news item on the Takoma Park website notes the passing of (Frances) Anne Ludlow, mother of City Manager Suzanne Ludlow and Takoma Park resident. The elder Ms Ludlow was a community activist and a resident of Victory Tower on Carroll Avenue. She died of a sudden illness on August 11 at the age of 84.

She served on the city’s Task Force on Gun Violence in the Community and on the Emergency Planning Committee. She was a member of the Victory Housing Residents Committee, a group that worked to improve conditions at the multi-story Victory Tower senior citizen apartment building. She was occasionally attended city council meetings, sometimes addressing the council on senior-citizen or other issues.

A memorial gathering will be held on October 8.

– Gilbert


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