Takoma Voice top ten

Photo by Bill Brown

IMAGE: The 2013 Takoma Park Folk Festival. The festival was a popular subject.

AUG 25—The Takoma Voice is on August break, Until our return, readers – whether at the beach, on a mountain, roaming another country or stuck at work – can re-enjoy the most widely read Voice articles published since January, 2016.

The Voice invites those with an analytical mind to ponder why these particular articles or columns were the most popular and what this says about the Voice readership. Please use the comments section below.

Older stories may have a statistical advantage over newer ones since they’ve had a longer time to collect clicks, but two of the top stories were posted in July.

Here they are listed in reverse order. The most popular is last.


10). City police chase down burglary suspect, March 2, 2016


9). OP-ED: WSSC chain saws threaten Tree City, April 4, 2016


8). Ala resigns, vigil for victims, April 22, 2016


7). GRANOLAPARK: A wrench in the works, July 14, 2016


6). ONE TAKOMA: Donna Edwards for US Senate, April 5, 2016.


5). Sligo Creek Parkway to close for a week, March 3, 2016.


4)Local brewery Sligo Creek Alewerks opens, April 1 (an April Fools prank – DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!)


3). ONE TAKOMA: Does Starbucks signal a new Takoma?, July 25, 2016.


2). Loose-leaf heaven, Na Tra Teas, March 10, 2016

Photo by Bill Brown

1). The most read article of the year so far IS: Takoma Park Folk Festival cancelled, July 7, 2016.