GRANOLAPARK: No nails were bitten

Takoma Park city council meeting, January 18, 2017, Photo by Bill Brown.


Dear Readers,

What a contrast to last week’s city council meeting! No nail-biting deadlines, no angry citizens and no controversy this time. It was probably the easy-peasy meeting the council wished had been the first of the new year. Instead it was the second.

The council had one vote at the January 18 meeting. They unanimously approved a $5000 Montgomery College scholarship fund.

There will be five $1000 scholarships awarded for qualifying students. Recipients must be Takoma Park residents, be qualified for financial aid, be in the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success program and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

The Crossroads Farmers Market receives grant funds through the city. This is why market representatives make an annual presentation to the council, as they did January 18. The council was friendly and supportive, implying their continued support.

The market is located in a low income area, many of the customers receive financial assistance.

Next week the council bites into a more exciting morsel, Election Synchronization. In short, that’s the changing the city election date to the general election date. There are many complications. The city charter must be changed. The city must have a separate ballot. The voting locations must change. The city must give over much authority to the state.

If past actions are an indication, following the Board of Elections update, the council will press on toward synchronization with the same 7-2 split.

They will also take up the “Discussion of a Personal Property Tax Bill for a Particular City Business.” We’ll find out which Particular City Business that is.

– Gilbert


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