CASA protests president’s plan to build a wall with Mexico, end sanctuary policies

by Bailey Martin
Capital News Service

Protesters from CASA of Maryland demonstrated across the street from the White House Wednesday in opposition to President Trump’s executive order cutting funding to cities promising sanctuary to undocumented immigrants and beginning the process of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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  1. The USA was is based upon Christian/Judea values and beliefs. The evil cult of Islam and its followers has no place or right to exist within our borders. The U S Constitution does not apply to those that seek to destroy it. This includes anyone that does not genuinely follow its guidelines and definitely not those that seek to interpret it to seek their means of destroying the nation which it is based upon. The Constitution is clear and concise in its meaning, it is not a living breathing entity, it is a written document. Citizenship for those not born within its borders to a U S Citizen is a privilege not a right and is to be decided upon by the majority not a minority. And in times of war it is to be denied without hesitation to its enemies. Islam is a stated enemy of not only the USA but to all of civilized Human Kind. And in addition to all those that enter our country illegally, including but not limited their, children be they born to illegal Immigrants here or outside the USA before they enter illegally. A Nation without borders is not a Nation that will survive in the long or short run.

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