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William Brown
William Brown is the creator of Citizen Bill. He is a illustrator, cartoonist, and Morris dancer living in Takoma Park, Maryland. His work appears in such publications as The New York Times, Slate, the Washington Post, the Progressive, Newsday, and the Washington Times.

2 Comments on "CITIZEN BILL: Wait in line"

  1. Re: cartoon. Bill, please speak for yourself (and your great grandparents.). Many people waited for
    years (and some died) waiting for opportunity to immigrate legally to this country.

    • Exactly! Yet there was no such wait for white British/Canadians in the late 19th century – as in the case of my grandparents. In fact, as shown in the cartoon, they moved here, bought property, lived here for a few years – and THEN became citizens. The point of the cartoon is that all immigrants should have the same “wait in line” (i.e. no wait at all).

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