Women’s March photo album

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  1. Is there any room for a conservative in this movement?

  2. Seemed like a friendly group to me. United against Trump and his policies regarding women, immigrants, and the environment. Are you down with that? The Women’s March has a website with a list of their principles.

  3. As a conservative I believe in clean air and water; so do all other conservatives.
    As a conservative I believe in legal immigration. The laws are on the books, written by Democrats and Republicans; we now have a president who will enforce those laws.
    I believe that if a woman has sole authority when it comes to her body and reproductive choices and rights then men should not have to pay a dime in child support if the woman chooses to not abort the baby.
    I believe in ending violence, too, particularly on college campuses when conservatives try to share their views.
    I believe in equal civil rights for all, but I don’t believe that there are 58 distinct genders.
    It appears that we do agree on many issues.

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