TASTE OF TAKOMA: Octopus, arugula and mussels, oh mio! Review of Trattoria da Lina

Trattoria De Lina serves up a tasty calamarata. Photo by Alyson Kay.

By: Alyson Kay

Marcello Minna’s Italian restaurant Trattoria da Lina opened this spring, boasting an array of classical Mediterranean dishes made with a lot of heart and mamma’s recipes.

The menu starts with an antipasti, which includes an octopus with arugula salad that comes with a few cherry tomato halves and a lemon wedge, dressed in olive oil with lemon for a slight tang.

According to head chef Fabio Capistrano, getting the octopus ready is a lengthy process. The preparation takes more than three hours.

The main dish, Calamarata, is mostly seafood with a decent amount of calamarata pasta mixed in. The dish was invented six years ago by Capistrano and mixes calamari, shrimp, clams and mussels into the pasta.

Like all of the other foods served at Trattoria da Lina, the pasta is fresh.

Dessert is tiramisu, a creamy pudding with a saviordi cookie in the middle, made with some mascaro cheese.

The restaurant also features a wine list with suggested pairings, such as champagne to go with the rich flavor of the calamarata dish.

In the future, diners will be able to look forward to outdoor seating, and even more tasty options.

Owner Minna plans to have a separate menu for the patio.

The main attraction? Crepes.