Purple Line judge dismisses demand for more research

The Silver Line faced similar obstacles with political feuds and funding issues halting construction. | Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Purple line advocates celebrated U.S District Court Judge Richard Leon’s ruling dismissing the plaintiffs’ environmental claims in the lawsuit against the Purple Line that would require an additional Environmental Impact Statement before proceeding with construction.

On Tuesday, May 30, Judge Leon made his final judgment, allowing the Metro Transit Authority and Federal Transit Authority to appeal an earlier ruling for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and continue the project.

Purple Line NOW, a non-profit organization advocating for the Purple Line, said in a public statement that they “ask that the state continue funding the Purple Line throughout this process to avoid a costly slow-down.”

“What we care about is getting federal funding for the project,” said Purple Line NOW Board President Ralph Bennett.

Purple Line NOW is focusing its efforts to get federal funding because without it, Bennett said, the project cannot continue.

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  1. What? What reversal of previous ruling occurred?

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