Hot music and hot weather mark 2017 Jazz Festival

People of all ages enjoyed the music at the 2017 Jazz Festival in Takoma Park. Photo by Samantha Luckert.

Music flooded the streets of Old Takoma Sunday as the Takoma Park Jazz Festival welcomed warm weather and curious people.

The free all-day jazz festival had two stages with a variety of performances from both local and national artists. While some groups played standards from names like Art Blakey, others tried more experimental sounds.

Luke Kaempfer, an avid jazz lover, came from Rockville to attend the festival.

“I love hearing live music and the crowd,” said Kaempfer.

Not all attendees were just there for the music, however. The festival also included numerous vendors. There was a large and eclectic mix of art, jewelry, pottery, and clothing available for purchase.

Nicole Small, a small business owner, has been vending her natural skin care line “Planned Perfectly” in Takoma at both the Jazz Festival and Street Festival for four years.

“I really like the people of Takoma,” said Small. “It’s a really unique mix of people…and I like all of the energy Takoma Park has to offer.”

While some came to Takoma for the festival, others just happened to stumble across it.

Gabriel Lopez was attending the farmer’s market when he noticed the festivities.

“Oh, I didn’t know there was a jazz festival, but I love it. I love jazz,” said Lopez.

Old Takoma was not just inundated with music and shopping, however. Although there was no rain, the 90-degree heat was ever-present. People gathered under the shade of both tents and trees while still enjoying the revelries.

Even the heat couldn’t stop that hot jazz.