Council notes: Future rec center to be integrated into affordable housing

Councilmember Rizzy Qureshi (Ward 3) announces he will not be running for reelection in the Fall. Qureshi is currently renting in Ward 3, but he will be buying a house in another Ward. Photo by Lucy Maynard

The Takoma Park City Council heard proposals for the Takoma Park Recreation Center Development Project Wednesday night.

In April, The City of Takoma Park asked for letters of interest from companies, firms or development teams to partner with the City to redevelop the Takoma Park Recreation Center.

The City is seeking a public/private partnership, and it wants to accomplish two things with this redevelopment program.

First, the City wants to update, enhance and expand the facilities and services of the Recreation Center.

Second, the City wants the Recreation Center to be part of a mixed-income affordable housing complex to advance the City’s economic development goals.

Interested parties had until May 22 to submit proposals.

The City Council heard proposals from four development teams: Coalition Homes and The Orlo Fund, Community Preservation Development Corporation (CPDC), Mission First Housing Development Corporation, and Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP).

The proposals from each of these development teams can be found on the city’s website.

Nancy Nickell, a Takoma Park resident, is concerned the proposals emphasized the housing part of the development plan more than the Recreation Center.

“The Recreation Center is a focal point,” said Councilmember Rizzy Qureshi (Ward 3).

But multiple council members acknowledged that the housing portion of the development plan is what will help finance the new Recreation Center.

Nickell also encouraged the council members to have a plan to continue the classes and programs offered at the Recreation Center-even if it’s somewhere else-during the construction process.

Other business

In other action, Councilmember Qureshi announced he will not be running for reelection in the Fall because he will be moving out of Ward 3.

The City Council voted unanimously to pass two ordinances.

The first ordinance was a budget amendment to carry over $1.4 million of expenses from the 2017 budget to the 2018 budget.

The second ordinance was to award a construction contract to Ethan Allen Streetscape Improvements.

The City Council also awarded a contract for services with EduCare Support Services, Inc. for the Food Pantry Program and authorized the purchase of IT server equipment, software and installation.

The Takoma Park City Council will hold two more meetings on July 19 and July 26 before its August recess.

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  1. Still no plan for emergency/hypothermia shelter in Takoma Park. D.C. uses a couple of its rec centers for that purpose.

  2. They should put a pool in the enhanced rec center and scrap plans to use the hospital site for that purpose.

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