New yoga studio “nama-stays” on Carroll Ave

A new yoga studio is coming to Takoma Park. Yoga Heights, a studio based in Washington, D.C., is opening its second location at the Takoma Central Apartment building.

Yoga Heights’ Takoma location will offer different types of classes including vinyasa, Yin yoga, restorative, prenatal yoga, Pilates, and even yoga teacher training courses.

The studio’s mission statement is that they work with every body, at every level, and every budget. According to a press release about the new location, the studio aims to be as community and budget friendly as possible.

“We look forward to continuing to be an affordable and community oriented yoga studio for people who are brand new to yoga, as well as regularly practicing yogis,” says studio owner Jess Pierno.

Takoma Park is an area that loves independently owned businesses, which is reflected by the establishments that stay there. Although Yoga Heights is opening another location, that was not its original intention. Requests for more classes and community events inspired the expansion.

“We heard a lot of people…saying “oh we moved further north we would love for you to move up closer to where we live,” and it came down to the right amount of space…and also a demand from people who lived in that neighborhood,” says Pierno.

This addition to Carroll Avenue complements a good number of studios in the area including Willow Street Yoga, a long lasting favorite of local yogis. While single drop in prices for classes for Yoga Heights and Willow Street Yoga’s first class registration costs are comparable, about $18, Yoga Heights offers more cost-efficient rates. A single drop in fee at Willow Street is about $25, according to their website. Willow Street does, however, have student and senior discounts.

Yoga Heights offers numerous discounts and programs too for yogis on a budget. Yoga “happy hour” classes occur five times a week; students can opt for “Karma Passes (students can pay $8 per class four times per month),” free community classes, and a work-study program. They are even offering three weeks of unlimited classes for $39 for both locations.

Part of the reason the studio is so economically conscience is because of its first location. With a changing neighborhood Pierno wanted to keep the studio as accessible as possible to everyone in the area.

“We felt like we didn’t want to be closed off or an exclusive type of yoga studio. Anyone can walk in with no experience in yoga whatsoever and feel welcomed here,” says Pierno.

This parallels the theme surrounding Takoma Park’s recent changes. Various businesses come to Takoma and bring a surge of cost effective goods and services, as well as unique experiences that both cater to and disintegrate the “old” Takoma Park. But the situation is more complex than that. Takoma is plagued with a giant socioeconomic gap that fluctuates with every business and city decision. Yoga Heights seems committed to bridging such gaps, whether it is here or at their Georgia Avenue location.

“Yoga Heights has helped more than 4,000 people afford yoga classes in the three years they have been open”, according to their press release.

There is no official opening day yet, but the studio should be completed and ready for classes sometime this fall.

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  1. Yoga Ananda | August 16, 2017 at 10:38 pm |

    I used to take classes at Willow Street, but after trying out Yoga Heights I stopped Willow Street. YH doesn’t lock one into a particular track, so one need not be so tied in to a specific course or schedule, which was my experience at WS. That YH is closer to the Metro than WS will probably also work to their advantage.

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