365 days of @realDonaldTrump tweets

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COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — Since his election to the presidency on Nov. 8, 2016, President Donald Trump has tweeted thousands of times from his personal account, @realDonaldTrump, which has over 40 million followers.

Trump’s tweets are notorious and often garner significant media attention. What is he talking about with those 140 characters?

The CNS social team did some digging and found that his Twitter commentary is generally reserved for topics in the following categories:

  • Media and press 
  • International affairs 
  • Mentions of civilians or public figures 
  • General cultural happenings (including responses to tragedies and disasters) 
  • Policy, politics and his administration 

The social team examined the top 25 most engaging Trump tweets, as measured by the number of retweets, and sorted them into these five categories based on content — with some tweets fitting into multiple categories. See where Trump’s most memorable tweets fall on the list:


25. 63K retweets 

24. 63K retweets  

23. 64K retweets 

22. 65K retweets 

21. 65K retweets  

20. 65K retweets 

19. 66K retweets 

18. 67K retweets   

17. 70K retweets 

16. 71K retweets 

15. 72K retweets  

14. 73K retweets  

13. 74K retweets 

12. 75K retweets 

11. 75K retweets 

10. 82K retweets 

9. 84K retweets 

8. 87K retweets 

7. 89K retweets

6. 96K retweets 

5. 97K retweets 

4. 136K retweets 

3. 213K retweets  

2. 334K retweets 

1. 365K retweets 

If his past social media habits are any indication, Trump will likely continue to tweet throughout the next year — but now he’s got 280 characters to work with.


*Retweet metrics were gathered Nov. 9.

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