Meet the Voice

Eric Bond, publisher and senior editor

Eric Bond, a writer and multimedia journalist, has owned and operated the Takoma Voice since 1994. Bond is committed to providing a publication that engages the residents of Takoma Park with relevant and accurate news, features, and profiles. Democracy requires independent, factual reporting—and it has never been more necessary than in this age of misinformation and media fragmentation. Along with running the online Voice, Bond hosts Talk of Takoma, a weekly magazine show on Takoma Radio.

Bill Brown

Bill Brown, associate editor

Bill Brown moved to Takoma Park in 1982. He has been involved in journalism in one way or another since he co-published an underground high-school newspaper in the late 1960s. A longtime contributor to the Voice, he stepped up to an editorial position in fall 2012. He is, as needs arise, editor, reporter, photographer, and intern wrangler. He loves keeping the community informed.


Leila Habib, reporter

Leila Habib has always loved learning about people, so when she was introduced to journalism in high school, it seemed like a perfect fit. She is especially interested in using her writing and photography to raise awareness about issues impacting those who are typically underrepresented and providing them with a platform to tell their own stories. When she’s not in classes at Northeastern University, Leila can be found playing volleyball or eating lots of ice cream (french vanilla only, though).