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Nancy Floreen (front, on left) and family.

1) Tell us about yourself.

I am Nancy Floreen, a three-term at-large member of the County Council asking for your support for another term. I’ve always been a government policy wonk, having majored in American Studies in college. In my law school days, I got involved in the deinstitutionalization movement. I also clerked for the New Jersey consumer affairs office and then went on to work for the U. S. Department of Justice. When we moved to Maryland, I couldn’t resist getting involved in local issues, and as a land use lawyer, I represented community groups all over the county. I became PTA president at East Silver Spring Elementary, a member of the Blair Advisory Council (remember that!?) and was on the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board.

I went on to be appointed to the Montgomery County Planning Board, where I served for 8 years (during the attempted destruction of the Silver Theatre and the initial proposals for the redevelopment of Silver Spring). I was a board member of the Montgomery Parks Foundation and Montgomery Housing Partnership, became Mayor if Garrett Park, and ran for the County Council in 2002. I chaired the Council’s Transportation, Energy, Infrastructure and Environment Committee for two terms, and now I chair the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee. I was Council President in 2010–the worst year of our fiscal crisis. That was tough, but the County got through it, relatively unscathed.

2) What do you hope to accomplish in office?

I hope to continue invigorating the County’s efforts in supporting job creation–the keys to our residents’ success and our County’s fiscal sustainability. I also want to see real improvement in streamlining our business review processes, procurement and development review. And I want to make greater progress on community-friendly transportation solutions.

3) What would you say your biggest accomplishment has been so far. What does that say about your priorities as council member?

My biggest accomplishment so far (apart from voting for the increase in the minimum wage) has been to create the Montgomery Business Development Corporation, a public/private partnership intended to take the politics out of job creation. I am also really proud of my work in getting my colleagues (and the community) through the rewriting of our zoning ordinance, which is now far more consumer friendly and includes new incentives for affordable housing (pure policy wonkiness!). It shows that I am consistently focused on what’s best for Montgomery County as a whole.

4) What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

What distinguishes me is my ability to combine my deep knowledge of the county with a creative sense of how we can bring us into the future with a minimum of rancor.

5) That is the top issue (or one of the top issues) facing the county and how do you propose to
deal with it?

I continue to believe that the top issue is creating a positive environment for job creation so as to be able to support the needs of our outstanding educational system and our families.

6) Will you pledge to end the double-taxation of Takoma Park so that the county fairly reimburses the city for duplicate services? If so, what do you see as the solution?

As a former mayor myself, I am committed to working with Takoma Park on the tax duplication concerns.

7) What are other important local issues in Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Four Corners and Wheaton, and how will you address them?

The issue of how Bus Rapid Transit would actually work, gentrification and neighborhood protection along the Purple Line, economic segregation, the viability of the transit center construction, school equity and the achievement gap, community investment, protection and revitalization, the construction of the Metropolitan Branch and Greenway trails, and the White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan are all big issues the Silver Spring/Takoma Park/Four Corners and Wheaton face.There are no easy answers to any of these matters, but I commit to listening carefully to community concerns and working with the community to find realistic solutions.

8) Please list endorsements:

The Washington Post
The Gazette
Service Employees International Union
Montgomery County Volunteer and Fire Rescue Service Association
Montgomery County Public Schools Retirees Association
Hispanic Democratic Club
Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats
Associated Builders and Contractors

9) Please supply links, and contact info.
Friends of Nancy Floreen
Box 183
Garrett Park. MD 20896


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