State Assembly Delegate, District 20 – Sheila Hixson


Sheila Hixson.

1) Tell us about yourself.

I am delegate Sheila Hixson and I am Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee in Annapolis.  As Chair I have a significant role in leadership

and the legislative agenda for the House. Together with Senator Jamie Raskin and I have worked closely together and I think we are regarded as a force for progressive policy and legislation. For more complete information about me please follow this link.

3) What do you hope to accomplish in office?

I plane to continue our work on pregressive causes. I am in favor of legalizing marijuana and I would like work Jamie Raskin to look at how we can make our criminal justice system more fair. My interest in Marijuana Legalization stems from one of the responsibilities of my committee which is taxation. If we legalize it means we can tax it and that money can into the schools.   I am looking forward to working with the new District 20 team

2) What would you say your biggest accomplishment has been so far. What does that say about your priorities as delegate?

I have worked long and hard on a number of causes.. I introduced one of the first pieces of gay rights legislation more than 25 years ago. I have a long term interest in keeping Maryland schools and Montgomery County Schools well funded. Helping Jamie Raskin and the rest of the D20 team legalize gay marriage,  abolish the death penalty were big wins for us.

4) Many of you have fought for political causes outside of the assembly. What could you accomplish as a delegate that you couldn’t accomplish as an advocate?

I have been in the general assembly for many years, I hear from almost every cause and I try to represent all as best I can. I do have a personal interest in how war veterans are treated when they come home.

5) What distinguishes you from the other candidates?

I guess long term experience and a  proven track record of knowing how  to get
things done in Annapolis. There will be no learning curve for me.

6) That is the top issue (or one of the top issues) facing the District and how do you propose to deal with it?

We have a huge problem with closing the achievement gap and that mostly effects
the eastern/down county areas, which is us. That is going to take a lot of good people working together and funding to give them the resources to close this gap. In addition we are gaining over 2000 new students every year. We need schools for those kids. I plan to work with all the stake holders and work out how we can get them the resources they need.

7) What are the top issues facing the Assembly and how do you propose to deal with it?

I have already mentioned education. The other issues are business development and job creation. We need to keep Maryland’s economy healthy and thriving with well paid jobs, There is no point in creating low paying  jobs that keep people in poverty. I helped get the new minimum wage legislation through but we need to do more.  Finally we have to get a handle on the healthcare exchanges. All Marylanders need access to affordable healthcare

8) Please list endorsements:

Most recently I was endorsed by the Washington Post, I have been honored
to have been endorsed by numerous organizations  for a more complete list
please follow this link. 

9) Please supply links, and contact info. will give you all the ways you can contact me. Thanks for your continued interest in my campaign and your support in the past.


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