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  1. I’m not sure how much our readers will want to leave a general comment, but I thought that it might be nice to provide a venue for general comments. Of course, if you have a comment about an article on the site, you may leave it there.

    I will check in periodically. I will do my best to answer questions or concerns.

    Welcome to our new website!

    Eric Bond, publisher

    • This year’s Memorial Day commemoration comes during a period of questioning—about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the affordability of our government services, and of which of those services were made in the nation’s best interest.
      I submit that we, as a nation, have no more binding and sacred commitment than to those who wear our uniform and fight in our wars. Their selfless sacrifice on the field of battle has been a distinct hallmark, and saving grace, of this nation since before The Revolutionary War.
      On this Memorial Day, we will respectfully honor all those who have served our nation in uniform—from past wars and battles through today’s 10-year conflict against international terrorism and its sponsors.
      But how do we honor them best? Parades are nice—very patriotic—and the public gets to feel a sense of shared pride.
      But when the parades have passed by and the music from the marching bands dies away, is our job done? Is that a true fulfillment of our commitment to our troops?
      I suggest that it is not. Our most recent veterans continue to struggle once they return from the battlefield. Except this time it’s a contest fought against a backdrop of a sluggish economy and high unemployment.
      According to May reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate of OIF/OEF women veterans is three percent higher than just a year ago. Male veterans between the ages of 22 -28 are especially hard hit by high unemployment.
      Despite a plethora of government programs that have “veteran” and “employment” in their titles, these numbers continue to reflect failure to perform.
      Access to mental health treatment in a timely and effective manner is yet another commitment we owe our returning heroes. Yet the Veteran’s Administration had to recently backtrack its claims of 95 per cent on-time access to mental health support after an investigation proved that the real number is about half that.
      The men and women who need mental health treatment are not numbers on a government report—these are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to whom we made a commitment of service—in return for theirs.
      So this Memorial Day, let’s all do more than picnic and party. By all means, go to the local parade and honor our military. But on Tuesday, I encourage you to be bit more attentive to if we are living up to our nation’s commitment to those who fell in battle and to all our honored veterans.
      If you’re not satisfied with what you see—do something about it.

    • Michael W. Dugger | July 30, 2012 at 10:53 am | Reply

      I would like to open a dialogue about the use and need for Ambulance Reimbursement or what the Volunteer Fire Rescue Companies are referring to as an Ambulance Fee. This idea was raised last year and shot down, and it is currently being brought back up this year so that we can close some of the financial deficit our County faces now and in the future.

      As some of you may know the Ambulance reimbursement program would allow the Career County Fire and Rescue Service to be reimbursed by the Insurance Companies for any service rendered, an amount already built into your current Insurance policy/plans. This in NO WAY creates an additional fee for the County resident, the resident will not get a bill for BLS or ALS services rendered. This was not clear for most residents voting on it last year, they thought like many that they didn’t need another bill. Well let me pose this question when you have a heart attack, do you want someone to come to your house in a timely manner. We are facing serious financial problems ones that could leave us wanting for Fire and EMS service providers.

      As most of you know this idea was already shot down last year and we lost 14 million dollars that would have been paid by the Insurance Companies. If this doesn’t pass this year we can add on another 14 million to our loss and chock it up to a total of 28 million in lost revenue, one that has made the Insurance Companies that much richer. Also, if we think that the financial situation will get magically better without actually working toward getting out of the hole we are in, then we are all in trouble.

      The Montgomery County Career Fire and Rescue consists of approx. 1200 trained employees, who respond to 95-98% of ALL of the emergency calls in the county. The Volunteers Corporations play their part, or rather have played their pert in the past however it is the Career employees that are the backbone of the County Residents Fire/Rescue needs. I am a County Resident, was a Volunteer Fire and rescue member, and I am currently a Career Fire and Rescue member in Montgomery County, a fireman and a Paramedic. I see all aspects of this and it is the only way to go.

  2. Couldn’t a more appropriate time-slot have been arranged for this year’s Folk Festival than the 10th anniversary of 9/11? If some TP residents preferred to devote the day to frolic and craft-shopping rather than sober reflection that’s their right, but it shouldn’t have been officially designated as an occasion for public folderol. If the organizers wanted to poke a stick in the eye of people who still have patriotic feelings, methinks they succeeded.

  3. Hey there Montgomery Voice! How was your holiday time? Good I hope. Just checking in with the greatest news source in the Lower Montgomery County Area. Hope everything is going OK and that Eric sent out the flyers and the Voice is getting some good business. Keep well guys and have a great new year.

    • Great to hear from you, Sam. I hope that you had a great holiday and are well rested for the next semester. Thanks for all of your help this fall. Eric

  4. Food Pantry open on March 3rd, 2012

    EduCare Support Services. Inc – EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY-
    in Partnership with
    Grace United Methodist Church, Takoma Park, MD
    Program: Emergency Food pantry (click here for printable flyer)


    Thank you for your interest in our Emergency Food Pantry. The goal of the Pantry is to treat our clients with dignity and respect, while fulfilling the requirements of our partner agencies. We try to offer a well-rounded array of foods for their bi-weekly or monthly offer, as well, some basic non-food items such as paper products and personal care products on a rotation basis.

    Our Food Pantry is now open for business:

    OPEN: Every 1st Saturday in the month from 10:30 -1:30 PM
    Monday to Friday by appointment only!

    CALL: 240-450-2092 or Email: educare_ss@yahoo.com

    LOCATION: Grace United Methodist Church
    7001 New Hampshire Avenue
    Takoma Park, MD20912

  5. alice richardson | April 30, 2012 at 2:55 am | Reply

    I am a long term member of TPSS coop since Oct.6, 1986. I am an employee since Nov. 15th 1989. Long have I been a proud participant of a business that cared equally for what food we sold, how our food was brought to us and that all people and processes are treated with dignity and respect. I sooo wanted to be a part of such a business, a cooperative business where members|workers had input based on experience and cooperation.

    I was a part of a small 3 parking spot natural foods grocery store that grossed close to $2 million in sales right before we moved from 301 Sligo Ave. to our present location in Feb. 1998. People want to support a business that is cooperative and kind and humane to all.

    Unfortunately we are no longer that business. It is our worker members that are suffering for no good reason except for the process in which we now “govern” our business. Something has gone terribly wrong. Its not that TPSS has not paid back big loans that got us to the junction, its just that we have strayed from our roots, the foundation that got us to the junction and to our Grubb Rd. location.

    I was glad to have my children grow up while I worked for our coop.I am proud to know that some of our founders and still member shoppers put their property “up” for collateral for all of us to have the wonderful business we have today. I was thrilled to have my children work in such a strong coop business. What is more wonderful than a business that deals with what every body needs: FOOD. I would go so far as to say that TPSS could have gone up for the Peace Prize because of the founding credence of all shall be treated equally with care, dignity and respect.

    I no longer would want my children or anyone else”s child to work at TPSS. We now have the “every one is equal, but some of us are more equal than others” mentality. What is accepted by our management as good business would make your skin crawl with toxic shame! The majority of our members probably think that because we have a a management system in place, we would have union system in place. We do not

    In 2011 we had a Board sanctioned Staff Rep. Com. that would act as a buffer between “us” and “them” (management) and give workers a forum for being “heard” but about nine months later the committee was disbanded as being too costly.Our Board could have asked for a final report…WELL…..I digress.

    At the May 6th TPSS membership meeting I will be bringing up facts of how our business operates and how shamefully we now treat our member workers. I would never want to expand a business such as TPSS with the way our store is now “managed”. I have been asked if I am afraid of losing my job. Of course I am! I love being able to help people with their most basic need in a most spiritual manner. That is what a common ground I had with the beginning TPSS coop and want to perpetuate. It didn’t matter what job title I’ve had (I have done amazing things for us !) I just knew how fantastic and important TPSS was and still can be.

    Always yours in cooperation!

    — Alice Richardson

    P.S. I thank the Elriches, Chalofskys, Gina Gaspin, Jayne Silve rand Elias Vlanton, Andy A. and nameless others for founding such a fantastic food store that is a cooperative. I will do my best to keep TPSS the most outstanding business it was created for! My kids I am proud to have raised cooperatively you may know! They are Roy and Alia. PEACE

  6. I am a long time resident of Takoma Park. I have been wondering lately of the police department. With our Chief Ronald Ricucci and City manager soon to leave, is the city in Safe hands? I have heard news that the department is going through change and not a good one. I am not sure if every TP resident is aware of the name Douglas Malarkey, an officer who was know in 2006 for brutally beating an elderly homeless man. The force this officer used on this poor elderly man lead to him having 3 fractured ribs! I am not one to question the Chiefs promotional skills but this is done right crazy. This officer(yes still with the TPPD) was criminally charged and then later, because of a hung jury, set free. Seems his fellow officers didn’t think “highly” of him there were at least 3 officers who testified against him. It was published in the Washington Post. I hear now that this same officer is being given the position and promoted to Sgt. What do you think of that? Am I the only one a bit concerned here? Do we rewards the bad cops? I say bad because the homeless man was handcuffed at the time of the assault. Is a handcuffed individual a threat? Does the Chief care? I dont think so because he is heading out the door, leaving a liability on the city’s hands and the City Manager? what does she care, right shes also heading out the door. Citizens of Takoma Park are we not concerned as to why certain officers are being promoted? We need to ask these questions.

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  8. Anthony D. Hinnant | April 6, 2013 at 1:05 pm | Reply

    Hello Peace to you Takoma Park People I am a Marylander that mis the use of the public library in Takoma Park Maryland. I have going there for a lot of years but now because of fees I can not enjoy the library and it’s services any longer. Can anybody help me understant why someone would take a public library away from the communities in Maryland.

    Mr Tony Hinnant
    Parent of Maryland

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